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Some of our patients take the decision to stabilize their dentures - especially full lower dentures on flat gums.

We work closely with local implant surgeons to provide this service. This involves the surgical placement of 2 to 4 titanium implants into the bone of the jaw. Once the implant has attached to the bone the denture can be anchored to it.

Local Implant Surgeons

This can take anything from the day they are placed to 6 months after surgery, dependant on type and number of implants used.

We refer our patients to our local implant surgeons who will assess their suitability for implants.

The dramatic improvement two simple anchors on a full lower denture can make to a person's quality of life is now within most people's budget, as the cost of such treatment has actually reduced in recent years.

Service 1 - The Denture Clinic, Canterbury
Denture aftercare - The Denture Clinic, Canterbury

Aftercare of Dentures

You will receive advice from our CDTs about the aftercare of their dentures and will also be offered an aftercare leaflet to refer to for future use. If you require any adjustments after your dentures have been fitted, you can make an appointment to see the CDTs to make necessary adjustments.