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Your dentures should become part of you. They should function in harmony with your mouth, lips and face, and look like nature intended. They should provide good function during speech and mastication and restore your confidence following the loss of natural teeth.

Full Dentures

Our dentures are made for comfort, function and aesthetics. The cost involved varies upon the quality of teeth and denture base used and the time invested in constructing them. We are sympathetic to patients who dislike having their impression taken and have various impression techniques available to avoid the discomfort of previous experiences.

Wearing old, ill fitting dentures could be causing harm to the underlying bone structures of the jaws and should be replaced. As the residual bone decreases so does the retentive ability of full dentures. Regular relining - every 2 years - and replacement - every 5-10 years, helps to preserve this bone.

Partial Dentures

To create a harmony between natural and artificial dentition is a true art and can only be achieved with experience. Each partner has over 25 years denture making experience.

Patients who have not recently seen their own dentist or who have not got their own can be seen by our appointed dentist to check their natural teeth are all healthy, to accept their new partial dentures. These can be constructed in chrome, acrylic or the new flexible materials. Partial dentures can be made far less bulky in chrome and flexible material eliminating the need for much partial coverage.

Providing Our Patients With A Professional Denture Service In A Relaxed Environment

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